This tour takes approximately 5 hours.[Depart at 10:00] Regular sightseeing bus "NAGASAKI YOKATOKO" course.

  1. 平和祈念像(イメージ)
  2. グラバー園 ※旧グラバー邸は2020年11月まで工事予定(イメージ)
  3. 原爆資料館(イメージ)
  4. 眼鏡橋(イメージ)
  5. 孔子廟(イメージ)
Course No Price Schedule Meal
A0001 ¥4,540 Day trip

Recommended points

By taking this tour, you can visit the Atomic Bomb Museum, Peace Park, Oura Catholic Church.


Please finish your reception at least 20 minutes before the start.
10:00 JR Nagasaki Station(Please come to the reception desk of the regular tourist bus next to the police station at JR Nagasaki Station.)=10:07 Atomic Bomb Museum 45min=10:57 Peace Park 20min=Nyoko-dō(Bus window)=Urakami Cathedral(Bus window)=One-Legged Torii(Bus window)=11:37 Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture 40min=Suwa Jinja Shrine(Bus window)=12:25 Megane-bashi 25min=Dejima(Bus window)=Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture(Bus window)=Netherlands Slope(Bus window)=13:00 Confucius Temple 25min=13:28 Ohoura Cathedral · Glover Garden 77min=14:55 JR Nagasaki Station

●Time required/4h55min
●Departure / arrival point/JR Nagasaki Station
●Price/Adult:¥4,540 High school:3,275円 Middle school:3,175  Elementary school:2,065

※ If Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture is closed, we will visit "Dejima". Facility entrance fee · Total fee will be changed as below.
 Adult:¥4,430 High school:¥3,115 Middle school:¥2,955 Elementary school:¥1,845
 History and Culture Museum Closed:10/15(mon)、11/19(mon)
※Please make your reception at least 20 minutes before departure.
 Lunch is not included. 

Availability status / reservation application

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:1 to 5 seats remaining.
:It is full.
:The departure has been decided.
:It is under reception.
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Tour Conditions

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