• [Depart at 10:10] Regular sightseeing bus "NAGASAKI YOKATOKO" course.

    You can enjoy Nagasaki with different expressions depending on the season.Located at the westernmost point of Japan, it is attractive for its scenic scenery with many facing the sea, its unique culture and history that has prospered as a gateway for foreign trade since ancient times, and the preciousness of peace that can be felt in the world's last atomic bombing city. It is a course where a professional bus guide will guide you through the famous sightseeing spot "Nagasaki"!This is a very satisfying tour where you can experience the hospitality and warmth of Nagasaki people! !【Reception place】Nagasaki tourist infomation office(nagsaki station east exit)

  • [Depart at 9:30] Regular sightseeing bus "DEJIMA culture course"

    Visiting Dejima and Gunkanjima Digital MuseumDEJIMA culture course where you can learn about the culture from the period of national isolation to modern times.For about 200 years, Dejima has played a major role in the modernization of Japan as the only window in Japan open to the West. In the Heisei era, the restoration business got into full swing. Buildings and the stone walls of the southern seawall have been restored. In 2017, the Dejima Omotemon Bridge was built, recreating a more Dejima-like atmosphere.Hashima is a floating island about 18km west of Nagasaki's Nomozaki Peninsula. Because of its resemblance to the battleship "Tosa", it came to be called "Gunkanjima". At the digital museum, images and videos of restricted areas that cannot be seen on the landing tour are reproduced using VR and projection mapping.You can see the cityscape of Nagasaki from the bus window after crossing the Megami Ohashi Bridge, which overlooks Nagasaki Port, which is called "Crane Port".【Reception place】Nagasaki tourist infomation office(nagsaki station east exit)◎Fare AdultChildPreschooler 2,980jpy1,490jpyFreeFor preschool children, a separate admission fee of 300 jpy is required at the Gunkanjima Digital Museum.

  • [Depart at 13:30] Regular sightseeing bus "Maria & Peace course"

    Visit the Atomic Bomb Museum and Peace ParkThe Maria & Peace Course is a place where you can learn about Nagasaki, from the atomic bombing to the current townscape.August 9, 1945, 11:02. A single atomic bomb was dropped on the city of Nagasaki, and the entire area turned into an atomic field due to the blast, heat rays, and fire. At the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum, large-scale damage materials from the bombing and objects damaged by heat rays are on display.Peace Park was built on a small hill to the north of Hypocenter Park, with a vow never to repeat the tragic war and a wish for permanent world peace. The Peace Statue, which symbolizes Nagasaki citizens' desire for peace, has a right hand pointing to the sky representing the "threat of the atomic bomb", a horizontally extended left hand representing "peace", and a lightly closed eyelid representing the repose of the souls of the atomic bomb victims. I pray for you.”Urakami Cathedral, which can be seen from the bus window, has the head of the Mary statue that was displayed in the church before the atomic bombing, and prays for world peace.A single pillar torii that survived the blast of the atomic bomb. The view from the bus window tells the story of the tragedy of the atomic bombing to the present day.【Reception place】Nagasaki tourist infomation office(nagsaki station east exit) ◎Fare AdultChildPreschooler 1,980jpy990jpyFree